Information about Josh

Hi! I'm Josh Hegg, from Portland, Oregon. Some of the websites where I maintain profiles can be reached via the sidebar to the left.

Some things that interest me, without any particular order.

    • Jessica, my wife and lifelong partner.

    • Zhara and her brother George, a pair of cuddly Schipperke puppies!

    • Java, and Groovy, and Node, and Electron, and Terraform, and really just software development in general. Apparently I enjoy coding. Who knew? See my GitHub jhegg profile.

    • House Marik of BattleTech fame. I use "Marik" or "Marihk" or "Marikai" as an online alias and character name where possible.

    • Being a workaholic at Tripwire. It's a bad habit, I know.

    • Researching, analyzing, and purchasing new toys for my computer systems.